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Monday, January 16, 2006


Wow the weekend sure did go by fast, as is the norm. Yet there is some stability in going back to bad im not a very stable person :)

Well, today is Lucas 1st day back to college for the 2nd semester. I certainly hope that he has a wonderful day back. His 1st class started at 10 this morning, so he is probably right in the midst of it studying like the diligent student he is. Lucas is VERY VERY smart and he is doing amaxingly well in college. I have no doubt that he is going to graduate at the top of his class and get a wonderful job...what more could a woman want? He's cute, he's smart, and in love with ME! I am certaily lucky to have him beside me.

See, I would make a list of the things that I like about him, but I just simply couldn't fit it all in this blog.

I realized something this morning...but I forget...ooh yea...I'm forgetful! The sad thing is, I can remember everyone elses stuff, but when it comes to mine I always forget! I tried the planner thing where you write everything down, but I kept forgetting the planner when I left home so that didn't work...I tried the PDA thing, but I never could figure out how to use it. Oh well...I guess I made it to 22 with out remembering everything, so I guess i'll be alright.

Well, I have a LOT of work to do...have a great day!

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