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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Well, today at lunch time I am going to apply for a better position with in the company that I currently work for. I PRAY that I will get the position. I think I am overly qualified, but yet there is another lady in the department that wants the position just as much as I do, and she is better qualified. All I can do is pray at this point, and I know that if I am meant to have the position that I will get it. I know that I am meant for better things, and I just hope that I am given the opportunity.

Ooh I am so nervous!!!

Wish me luck.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

<--It's ME!

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Well...I know that people lie to each other, but it is really annoying when someone at work lies to your manager about something you said. Yet, it's all good because my manager likes me, so she believed me! HAH!

I am really addicted to this game called the Edge of Darkness. My fiance Lucas got me started playing it and now I can't stop. The only reason that I am not playing right now is because I am at work...Actually I can't lie (As I referenced in the paragraph above) I probably wouldn't be playing because I like to play when Lucas is on. He is a really good player!!! The link the the site is Lucas cousin Josh also plays, and he is really good too! Josh has a real nice site about the edge...Something about harmony, but I can't remember the link..i'll add it later because I am sure that the Edge will come up many other times.

Halloween is almost here! I don't celebrate fact I don't even eat the candy anymore, but I am dressing up this year. Does that mean that I am celebrating it? I get dressed up for other parties and that doesn't mean I am celebrating them... Anyway...I am going to be a Vampiress! I even got vampire teeth. My cousin is coming over tomorrow to help me figure out that I want to do with my make-up. Somehow dark lipstick and curved lines around my eyes with black eye liner seem like a good idea. I got some purple eye shadow too...should be FUN!!! If you know of any other cool ideas, let me know!

Well, better go for now. Ya'll have a great day - T

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

10-18-2005 (1st Day)

Well so far this has been an interesting day. Nothing much has happened other then the fact that work is boring and there is still so much of it to do before I can escape to the gym tonight.

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