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Friday, March 24, 2006


Okay so I was feeling pretty bad yesterday, so I sacrificed going to see Lucas and went home to rest and rest I did. I went to bed at 5:30 yesterday evening and did not get out till 6:30 this morning...I feel much better this morning though!

Yet in my sicken state I descided to check read the stack of mail that was piled on my bed. Well, turns out that the allergy shots that I have been getting are going to cost me $60 bucks a session! At 2 sessions a week im thinking heck no! So I suppose that I am going to tell them that I wish to continue being treated for my asthma through them, but the shots have to stop...I been feeling icky ever since I started getting them anyway...they haven't changed asthma is better but that's due to the inhaler that I was prescribed...

Plus I have an appointment Monday at the YMCA to renew my this point I am thinking I might not renew because I could really use that money to put back into my savings account from where I am getting my surgery which will drain my savings account.

Plus I am getting married in a little over a year and I need to hord my money from here on out...

I think life is hitting a tad hard at the moment...but nothing I can't get through.

On the flip side I am getting off early from work today!!! YAY!!! Yet the reason is because I have to go give a blood donation in preparation for my surgery. I will gladly give blood to get off work though...not a problem. Plus Lucas is taking me, so that should be fun fun!!!

Well, I hope that you all have a wonderful day and a lovely weekend!

(I love you Lucas...see ya later!)

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Okay...this is the 3rd morning that I have taken my iron pill and the 3rd morning that I have gotten this horrible headache...

Don't really feel like typing...the more I look at the computer screen the worse it hurts...

Hope that you all feel better then I do

(I love you Lucas)

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


It is absolutely FREEZING at my work this morning! It got warm for like 2 days and they turned the AC up and I think they forgot to turn it back down. It's so cold that the computers are running slower because they can't warm's so cold that we opened the fridge to warm up the place I mean geeze...even the coffee didn't warm me up this morning.

I have a questions - Had anyone ever taken iron pills? Do they give you or can they give you a headache? Ever since I started taking them I have had this nasty headache...just wanting to make sure that nothing is wrong...

Well, I guess it's to the gym again tonight. I need to call and make an appointment with the lady there to renew my membership...I hope that she doesn't raise the price because I might have to decline renewal...

I also go get my shots today - joy of joys...I told Lucas yesterday that going to get them is really getting old quick! Each time it get's a little worse and I get the sniffles a little by this afternoon I should feel nasty...heachache and a messed up nose...

And now I give you a good reason to get up earlier...

A man went to the doctor and complained that he had the most terrible constipation.

The doctor examined him and then gave him a prescription for some tablets to be taken last thing at night.

2 weeks later the patient returned for a check-up and the doctor asked him how his constipation was.

The doctor was rather surprised when the man gloomily answered that the pills worked fine and that he went every morning at 7.30.

"So why the long face?" asked the doctor."

Because I don't get up until 8 o'clock ! ! !" replied the patient.

Yikes! I would certainly be getting up earlier!

Hope that you all have a good day!

No Lucas I am not going to steal your jokes blog idea...I promise! I just got that one and thought that it was funny!


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Monday, March 20, 2006


Feeling a bit like a hypocrite this morning. I used to think that the soup at hand things from campbells where stupid and lazy...but as I sit at my desk sipping one which is perfectly legal because it is a lidded container I now regreat those words. Tomato is the best...yum!

So I got a new cell phone yesterday...I have yet to recieve a call on it yet...other then Lucas calling me on our sunday school teachers phone while I was sitting right there...

So I am not very interesting this morning so I think i'll stop and move on. For real entertainment go to Lucas's fun!

Have a good day!

(I love you Lucas)

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Great Movies

Here is a list of some of my favorite movies (Not in any particular order)

1. Save the Last Dance
2. Remember the Titans
3. A Knights Tale
4. Starwars 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 (Yea I know im missing #4...that one wasn't the best)
5. Lord of the Rings 1, 2 and 3
6. Beauty and the Beast
7. Smokey and the Bandit
8. Charlotte's Web (Mom always makes me turn it off before Charlotte dies because it makes her cry really really hard!)
9. The Princess Bride (As you wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish...)

Well, that's about it for now. I'll probably be adding more as I think of them.

Now, let me know what your favorite movie is...

Have a good afternoon!

(I love you Lucas)

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Well...actually I never left...I just got lazy and didn't feel like updating!

A lot has happened since the last time that I updated...

Cabin fever was a blast! I had a great time, but I think the best time that I had was the moment that I got home and drove over to Lucas and I saw the smile on his face when he saw me! That was awesome!

So I am having surgery on April10th, so I might have a bit of a lapse in time during that time's a surgery that I sorta am choosing to have, but I am very excited that I have been given the opertunity to have this surgery, with my insurance covering's a tummy tuck BTW...heehee...guess I should have mentioned that earlier...

I haven't told a whole lot of people about it yet...only a few at church and the ladies that I work with...who are all very excited for me :) I will tell my church, just not yet...soon though...very soon!

I meant to tell Mrs. McKinney last Wednesday, but I forgot...she is a great lady and I look up to her!

Well, I best be gettin' to work! Hope that everyone has a great day!

(I love you Lucas)

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Friday, March 03, 2006

In the Midst of Cabin Fever

Well today is Friday and Cabin Fever has officially opened the flood gates. There are lots of people here, but I think that there where more people here last year...still there are plenty of people here...

Yet with all the people that are here, my favorite person Lucas is not...I'll see him again Sunday I guess...he seems to be enjoying his time along with out anyone...including ME!

Guess I am the only one on the "I really miss and want to see him boat" Maybe he's just putting a front on though...or not wanting to admit that he misses me terribly and cries all day when I am not around...yea that's it...

I think he also doesn't like the fact that I don't normally laugh at his jokes...stuff that he finds hillarious is just not that funny to me...yet I am glad that he finds humor in stuff when I don't...maybe we even each other out.

Well, I think that I am going to sign out and so listen to some more music...

Hope that you all have a good weekend.

(I love you Lucas)

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