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Saturday, December 31, 2005

12-31-2005 (New Years Eve!)

Well good morning ladies and gents! This morning I was awoken to the sounds of not 1, but 2 dogs barking. Also the sounds of grinding metal as my Grandpa works on our kitchen. After being up till 12:30 that was the last thing that I wanted to hear at 7:00, but needless to say I am awake!

I had said in a previous post that I was getting a new dog...well we got him alright...he is black and tan (Mostly black) and a mini dachshund. We already have 1 mini dashy named Cocoa and he is taking to the new dog well. We where told that the owners of the dog (Since it was found) has till Jan 15th to claim it. Well, when the guy that found it dropped it off he said that he had good and bad news. He said that they had found the owner...yea...I was heart broken. Then he said that the owner didn't want him so he was all ours if things worked out. Well, they seem to be working out so far other. I did figure out one thing real quick (As Lucas can vouch for) I AM stinks, but I am taking Zyrtec and that seems to calm the allergies to where I am good to go. Oh...the owner said that his name is Peanut Butter Cup (Peanut for short) He has attached himself to my mom's hip and will not leave. We think that he might be blind in 1 eye because it looks kinda glassy, but we still like him anyway. He's also kinda clumsy which we think is caused by the one eye being blind...

Mom and Grampa and Dad went out to Sears last night and got a new refrigerator and stove. I think that the kitchen remodeling is going well. They got an awesome fridge that has the freezer on the bottom (My idea).

Well, I better go and get dressed. Momma and me are going to the bank and CVS and some other stores...only God knows where we will wind up.

Have a great day ya'll! Happy New Year!

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