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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

Well all, Santa was good to me this year, as he was to Lucas.

I suppose that the best suprise was about my digital camera that I got. Lucas ordered it and a printer. Well, he kept getting e-mails from the place that he ordered it from saying that there was a delay in shipping. I figured that I wouldn't be getting my camera for Christmas and yea, I was whining and having a pitty party about it, but I knew that it was coming. Well, there was one present under the tree that said it was from Santa and it was actually the first present that showed up for me under the tree. Well, it was the last one that I opened and it turned out to be my camera. I was so shocked and happy! Turns out that the shipping delay was for the printer, not the camera. Lucas had me fooled the whole time.

I got a Canon SD1000 and it is NICE! Very user friendly but still smart. Also takes great pictures in my opinion. I'll have some on here later on in the post.

I suppose that the next best gift that I got was my Dooney & Bourke bag.

I have been drooling over one of these $$$ bags for a while and Grandpa made it happen for me. (With some help from Mom)

Here is my family with the handbag...heehee

Grandpa, Mom, Me and Dad. We put the picture in there as a joke and beacuse I wouldn't put it down.

I also got a beautiful pink sapphire heart shaped ring from Mom and Dad, some CD's, a movie and clothes...It was a great christmas. Lucas's parents got me a playstation 2 game called Dance Dance Revolutions Supernova and it is a hoot! Good way to fool yourself into exercising too!

Lucas got a new computer and it is really neat looking because...well...see for yourself:

It's got a friggin window! You can't see it, but it lights up blue too. It's really nice. Also because he got the new computer I am now the proud owner of a slightly used laptop and I am happy.

Here is Peanut with his rawhide that Santa left in his stocking.

And here is Cocoa with the toy that he stole out of his stocking that Santa brought him before he was supposed to...smarty!

Here is Grandpa D. (The one responsable for the handbag) and Gramdma B. both looking wonderful as always!

This is my cousin and my Mom with Peanut wedged in the middle.

And finally, here is Lucas cooking?!? I can't be mean, he can cook some. Yet, I thought that it was a cute picture. He was stirring soup that Mom made. How sweet!

Well, all in all we had a blessed christmas and I think the best part about it for me was finally being the wife of such a wonderful man to spend christmas and the rest of my life with.

Speaking of husbands and wives, I have to send out a big ol' CONGRATS to Ginny and Mark on their engagement! Mark asked Ginny on Christmas day...I wish you both the best.

I love you Lucas

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