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Friday, January 13, 2006

RE: 1-13-2006 (Friday the 13th)

OK...I just want to make it perfectly clear that just because I am jealous of the time that Lucas spends with Josh does not mean that I do not like Josh. I do like Josh and I am glad that Lucas has a good friendship with him.

Josh is not the one that pulls Lucas away from me, because Lucas goes on his own will.

Here is a list of things I like about Josh:
1. Josh is quite helful on "the edge" which is a game that I do enjoy as does Lucas.
2. Lucas likes him.
3. He has an awesome Edge website and he has one dedicated to his family which is very nice.
4. He got Lucas to wear a tux in his wedding so I could get a preview of our wedding :)
5. His wife is a fashion designer and I am getting married soon and need help with a wedding dress...hmmmm
6. He usually kicks Lucas butt at magic which helps keep Lucas grounded.
7. He's a very sweet guy...he went all the way out of the country to ask his now wife to marry him (Awww...)

Look, I haven't known him that long ok...I'll add more as I think of them...

I am sure that Lucas is looking at this right now and laughing very hard.

Also, the comment that seems like it is from Josh on the prior post is actually from Lucas, just trying to scare me...

Let me tell worked...and it made me CRY!!! Yet I did kinda get him back because he covered the phone and called me a name that was not appopriate (Not the B word...I would be very upset if he ever called me that) thinking that I would not hear him and I did, so naah naah naah naah naah naah!(Let that be a warning Lucas Daniel NEVER to call me that or I will get grately offended...even if I am acting like one...HAH)

Well, now that my butt is covered I think i'll go...tootles!

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