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Monday, December 04, 2006

Christm...I mean Holiday Party

So our holiday party was last Friday (Dec 1st) at work. It was a good time and I am glad that I went.

Lucas was with me of course (He's like a mastercard - ya don't leave home with out him)

The food was good...the DJ was good (and loud)...and it was very funny watching the people that you work with dancing with one another.

My Dad's holiday party is this weekend so Mom and him are leaving Friday and my maid of honor Iva Jo is gonna hang out with me the whole weekend. I am really looking forward to getting to hang with her because we haven't hung out in a long time. Last sunday we were talking and she was naming all these good movies that she's seen and I haden't seen a single one, so we will probably spend most of the time watching movies and eating popcorn and spaghettios (2 of my favorite foods)

More exciting news - I ordered my wedding invitations Saturday...Grandpa footed the bill (love you Grandpa) and they will be in in about a week or so. I didn't know that they came in that fast...I don't really need them till June but at least this gives me some time to get all the addresses together and stuff like that.

I been working so hard on the guest list....I really want to invite more people, but the church will only hold so it is I am using the balcony. The lady at the place where I ordered the invitations said that usually 75% of the people that you invite will come and with 200 give or take a few people on the list, that should be about right.

Lucas is meeting me at the gym tonight...I haven't gone in about a month, so I suppose that it's about time...

Well...I better go...

I love you Lucas

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