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Monday, January 09, 2006


Well I am surely in a wonderful mood today. I think it was because I went to a bridal show yesterday and I have been on a high ever since. I am so excited about getting married that I can just hardly contain myself. I think Lucas thought that I was going to kill him yesterday when I got back from his house...I really was excited though.

Ladies...I got such a good deal on tux's...I was very proud of myself. I put down a $10 deposit (Just to lock down the price) and each and every groomsmen and guy that will have anything to do with the wedding get's their whole tux (Shoes included) for $60 bucks!!! That is awesome compared to the normal $120 that you usually pay to rent them suckers. Plus if we have 5 guys that rent one (No problem there) Lucas get's his FREE!

Plus I found a DJ that I really like that is cheap!

My only problem now is that I want to start booking these people and places, but I am to far advanced...

The reception hall told me to call back on Aug 1st to book for Aug 4th of next year, so Aug 1st at 8:00 AM (The opening time for the local parks and rec.) they will be receiving a call from me to book that sucker!

Also it sounds as if Lucas cousin Josh and his new wife will be in town soon, and Laura is a fashion designer in New York, so I am going to ask her for some tips on a wedding gown. I plan to hit up a David's Bridal $99 dollar sale to get my dress. Somehow I have always been blessed with being able to get lower priced formal wear and still have it look good, so I am hoping that the tradition will continue.

The only thing that I am really putting thought into now is my colors. I really want pink roses, so the bridesmaids would have to wear pink and a few of the potential cannidates have told me that pink aint their favorite color, but I guess it is my party and if they truly love me they will wear what I pick out...I swear that it will be a nice pink. I want the guys to have black tux's with cream vests underneath. I think that will be agreeable cause I don't really want my groom walking don't he isle with pink on...though he probably would for me, but I wouldnt make him do that! The only other color that I had thought of was yellow roses with a creamy yellow color for the maid's dresses. All of the ladies that I will ask will look gorgeous in whatever they wear cause they are all gorgeous anyway! I haven't officially asked anyone yet, but I know some who I have in mind!

Well, I guess I better stop rambling cause *sigh* my break is over, and it is lunch time.

I PRAY that nothing happens this afternoon that will bring down this high that I am on!

Have a good one!!!

PS - I went to the allergist and I am allergict to everything apparently, so starting not this Friday but the next (20th) I start getting allergy fun!!!

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