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Saturday, December 31, 2005

12-31-2005 (New Years Eve!)

Well good morning ladies and gents! This morning I was awoken to the sounds of not 1, but 2 dogs barking. Also the sounds of grinding metal as my Grandpa works on our kitchen. After being up till 12:30 that was the last thing that I wanted to hear at 7:00, but needless to say I am awake!

I had said in a previous post that I was getting a new dog...well we got him alright...he is black and tan (Mostly black) and a mini dachshund. We already have 1 mini dashy named Cocoa and he is taking to the new dog well. We where told that the owners of the dog (Since it was found) has till Jan 15th to claim it. Well, when the guy that found it dropped it off he said that he had good and bad news. He said that they had found the owner...yea...I was heart broken. Then he said that the owner didn't want him so he was all ours if things worked out. Well, they seem to be working out so far other. I did figure out one thing real quick (As Lucas can vouch for) I AM stinks, but I am taking Zyrtec and that seems to calm the allergies to where I am good to go. Oh...the owner said that his name is Peanut Butter Cup (Peanut for short) He has attached himself to my mom's hip and will not leave. We think that he might be blind in 1 eye because it looks kinda glassy, but we still like him anyway. He's also kinda clumsy which we think is caused by the one eye being blind...

Mom and Grampa and Dad went out to Sears last night and got a new refrigerator and stove. I think that the kitchen remodeling is going well. They got an awesome fridge that has the freezer on the bottom (My idea).

Well, I better go and get dressed. Momma and me are going to the bank and CVS and some other stores...only God knows where we will wind up.

Have a great day ya'll! Happy New Year!

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Sleepy in the Afternoon

I am so tired...I need rest...I pray that I don't fall asleep on the treadmill...I wasn't going to go, but I could not get in touch with Lucas to tell him that I wasn't coming, so I guess I'll drag my sleepy self to the gym and attempt to work out amist the 50 teenagers that have descided to take over here lately. It is like a swarm of um' and they use every single machine there is...I had to wait like 10 minutes yesterday to get a treadmill (Only because the herd moved on...) I've heard (Via sorces in the gym) that they are the YMCA swim team getting in shape...isn't that what the pool is for?

Ok...enough pitty party for now...

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12-30-2005 (New Years Eve's Eve) I stop to think of the year of 2005, it makes me realize how much I am looking forward to seeing what is going to happen in 2006! Let me see what interesting things happened in the life a Jesus and Lucas lover in 2005...

* Happy New Year!
* Valentines Day means to much more now that I have someone to share it with.
* Went on a cruise with Momma and Grampa and Grampas girlfriend to cozumel mexico! Fun times!!!
* Celebrated my 1 year anniversary at my current place of employment (Mar 1st)
* Cabin Fever in Hampton VA...Lucas was there so it was quite snowed too! Lucas and I went to the air and space museum while we where there and it was quite entertaining! I wanna do that again! (Hint hint...)
* Turned 22 (Apr 4th)
* My baby turned 20! (May 17th)
* Hmm..still nothing pops out at me
* The 4th of July is always fun (July 4th...duh)
* Celebrated the anniversary of when Lucas and I first started dating (Aug 4th)
* Nothing
* Celebrated 1 year being engaged to my wonderful fiance Lucas! (Oct 16th)
* The other people in my dept and I decorated our cubs for halloween and won 2nd place in the decorating contest...I got 2nd or 3rd place in the costume contest for dressing up like a vampire...i'll post a pic if I ever get one. (Oct 28st)
* Joined the gym (Oct 10th)
* Thanksgiving (November 24th)
* Had a wonderful Christmas and I just waiting for a happy new year!
* Started going to my future uncle and aunt's house on Tuesday nights to listen to music and play pool. LOADS of fun!

Well, that's about it for my break time for now...I might post later during my other break!

Much love!

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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Ok...I just saw something that really disgusted me ya'll...let me copy and paste:

Q: Are cattle in the U.S. beef industry are routinely fed chicken poop, animal blood, expired household pets and other undesirable food sources.
TRUE. The feeding of chicken litter (feces + feathers + other unknowns) to U.S. cattle is a USDA-approved feeding practice that is necessary, says the USDA, to reclaim the valuable nitrogen in chicken poop produced by chicken farms. People who eat non-organic beef are often eating secondhand chicken feces.'s another:

Q: Are many common grocery products (including yogurt, fruit drinks and candy) are colored with an ingredient called "carmine" that is actually made from insects: dead, ground up husks of female cochineal beetles.
TRUE. Just about every container of strawberry yogurt, for example, uses this insect-derived food coloring. Aside from the gross factor, carmine also poses the threat of causing a rare but fatal allergic reaction known as anaphylactic shock.

All found on website

Yet they wonder why america is so screwed up...look at what is legal...geeze...

On a better note I am getting a new dog tonight...well maybe...Mom and I (and maybe Lucas) are going to get it tonight. A guy that Mom and Lucas work with found it on the side of the road and Mom graciously said that she would take it. It is apparently someone's pet because it is clean and friendly...yet there was no collar. All the local animal shelters and SPCA's have been called and the owner has till Jan 15 to claim much as I would like another dog I just keep thinking about a sweet little kid crying because their puppy is lost (Lucas gave me that visual, but I needed it because I wasn't thinking rationally, so I thank him for that) or a nice older person who had nothing but their dog for companionship...because of this I am taking the dog to the SPCA to be scanned for a microchip (It is inserted under the skin and when the animal is scanned it will show the owners info and stuff. My Dad said that we are not allowed to get attached to it till Jan 15th, because then it will be ours :) So for now the dog will simply be called "Dog."

I was also informed that on my last post yesterday that I was not clear in explaining that I asked Lucas to make me go to the gym when I didn't want to go, so he is indeed doing what I asked him to do and should be cheered for. ***CHEER*** I love him very much and appreciate everything that he does for me!

Later ya'll!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Full Picture of Me

Here is me, with some guy that I don't know grinning in the background. I will try to get more pictures loaded later...I think I may have figured it out!

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Well good afternoon everybody. It is 3:13 and I am taking my break at work to bring you news. After watching her grow for the last 9 months (She found out she was expecting when she had worked here for only 3 days) Keely has had her baby girl. 7 pounds, 11 ounches and 19 inches long! This is her 2nd child and I am sure that she will be as gorgeous as the 1st. Congrats to the Figgins family!

Not much other then that exciting has happened today. I did get talked into going to the gym tonight when i REALLY did not want too...Lucas guilted me into it by telling me that I wasn't trying. Yet if I recall I was the one that told him to not let me stop if I wanted too. I have to renew my membership in February, so I am hoping that the price does not exceed what I am willing to/can pay.

I am enjoying my M:Robe that I recieved for's an MP3 player from Olympus (The camera people) It acutally takes pictures which makes sence since it is from Olympus. It holds 5000 songs, and I think I have topped out at 200 so far.

I really need to figure out how to add pics to my blog...if you know an easy way to please let me know cause the one time that I tried I failed miserabley...

Have a great afternoon everyone!

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Annual Play with your new toys day 12-26-2005

Or atleast I think that's what it should be. I got some awesome gifts this christmas...My wonderful fiance Lucas gave me a movie that I was wanting forever now (Save the Last Dance) and a book that i've been wanting (The Mermaid Chair) in hardcover no some other awesome stuff. My Mom got me this awesome MP3 player that not only holds a gazillion songs, but takes's awesome even if the software that came with it isnt. Lucas spent most of yesterday and today helping me out songs on it because I have a tendancy to break electromic things...)My Dad got me a shotgun...I cried and I have named it Annie. I also got some other awesome gifts that I will not put on here. All I know is that this was a great christmas and I won't be standing in any return lines soon! (Now there is a christmas miracle for ya)

PS - Careful how you eat those sugar free gummi bears...when it says that it could cause a laxative effect they didn't just out that on there for laughs...

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