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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Well good day all you wonderful people in blogger land. How are you? Glad to hear that (If you are good) I hope that it gets better (If you are sick) and wow (In the case that I don't know how to react!)

So I think that my family is getting rid of the dog tonight. I have been ordered by higher powers that I am to return to the "nest" right after work so I can call the original owner to say that we don't want her little hellion of a dog.

Everybody in my house is stressed including the dog that we already have. I didn't realize how much I liked my current dog till the new one came...Cocoa is an angel of a dog!

Plus Cocoa doesn't like the baby gate that we have put up and neither do I...I trip over it almost daily and it is tough on your toes!

On a better note:

So I have been going to the gym and I am really starting to see a difference...I looked at the bottom of my legs the other day at Lucas house and was like actually looked nice (Normal if there is a normal)...any farther up then that I still can't saw much for, but ya gotta start somewhere right?

Well, it's almost lunch time so I think I am going to sign off for now. I hope that everyone has a wonderful day!

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