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Friday, January 13, 2006

1-13-2006 (Friday the 13th)

I cannot even begin to tell you how fowl of a mood I am in today. I am trying very hard to focus on the finer points of life and not the lower ones. It's a darn good thing too, because it I wasn't I think I woulda blown by now.

I really don't know why I am so bitter...well actually I think I do:

1. My dad who whenever he puts the dog out at night isn't happy till he fusses loud enough that everyone is up with him.
2. The supervisor for my department has been hired and I am bitter because I really wanted that job and I felt that I qualified, but apparently I didn't...
3. The game called Magic and love for Josh, but I feel left out and ignored when they are playing...i've been told that I am wrong to feel that way because Lucas gives me attention all the time and when he wants to do something like that I shouldn't get upset, but I do and I could hide it, but that's how I feel. Lucas is so good at giving my attention, that I am used to getting it and when I don't I don't like it!!! Yea, im spoiled...and I like it that way...who wouldn't?
4. WEDDING COLORS! They are dang near impossible to choose!
5. Making coffee that is really nasty and having to drink it or having nothing, then spilling it all over myself right before I leave for work and having to scramble to change before I am late.

I think I will try and ponder on the good things...maybe that will help.

Always at the top of my mind is the wedding. I cannot WAIT! I cannot even tell you how much I am looking forward to getting married. Don't get me wrong though, I love my parents and my home, but I am so in love with Lucas that I just can hardly stand it when I am away from him. It just seems so unfair that a love like ours has to wait, but I suppose that we are blessed to have that love because there are people that do not have another to run to and talk too. I know that we will have the best life with God in the center and wonderful friends and family all around us. I also realize that getting married isn't all peaches and cream because bills will come and things will be tight, but with the knowledge and love that we have I feel that we will be able to work together to figure it out. Aug 4, 2007 - I can't wait for you!

I have a job - I could say many things about what I dis-like about my job...many many many things, but above all I have a job and I have the ability to come to work and perform my job and get a pay check every other Friday. Plus I usually get along with everyone there so that is a definite perk.

I have a wonderful church family. They are always there when you need them and knowing that I have so many people praying for me all the time is a comforting feeling. I enjoy being in the choir and Charlie puts up with my goofy non-sense and just keeps on rolling. Lynn is so easy to make laugh and that just makes me feel so much better because it makes me feel funny even when I really aint...Betty Lou has said that she enjoys writing also and I hope that she enjoys this babble if she reads it. Lucas is in the choir and that just makes it so wonderful!!! Mrs. Ruth plays the piano like she was born with a keyboard in her hand (That doesn't really make sense, but that's;s my blog after all) Cecil is just so encouraging, and Greg who is also one of my Sunday school teachers is such a good tenor singer!!! Mrs. Shirley is gorgeous and so God just oozes off of her! Debbie (Greg's lady) is faithful as can be! Not only did she still come when she was having back problems, but she also does the newsletter at church. Anna is a great asset to the choir and I am glad that she is coming. Carmen is so beautiful even though she doesn't seem to think so...she is so generous and caring and her hubby Billy is a lucky man to have her! Rosa is a little bit punk and a lotta bit angel! She has the most beautiful long hair and is always smiling! Ms. Emma is not only a brave woman for sitting in the front pew, but she is the official cough drop lady. If you ever need one, you go see her! Mrs. Bessie Ann...I have known this lady since I was born and she has always been to sweet to me and I love her ever so much! There is 1 new gentleman in the choir and I believe his name is Jeff. I don't know much about him other then the fact that he is dating a lady who works for Pratt, but he seems to be a genuine nice guy! I am glad that he joined the choir! Well, I think I got everyone, but I mayu have forgotten some. Fear not that I have forgotten you, but that you are in my prayers (As the rest) always!

Wow that made me feel better!

The fog has lifted (figuratively and literally) so I think that I shall sign off for a while...

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