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Monday, December 26, 2005

Annual Play with your new toys day 12-26-2005

Or atleast I think that's what it should be. I got some awesome gifts this christmas...My wonderful fiance Lucas gave me a movie that I was wanting forever now (Save the Last Dance) and a book that i've been wanting (The Mermaid Chair) in hardcover no some other awesome stuff. My Mom got me this awesome MP3 player that not only holds a gazillion songs, but takes's awesome even if the software that came with it isnt. Lucas spent most of yesterday and today helping me out songs on it because I have a tendancy to break electromic things...)My Dad got me a shotgun...I cried and I have named it Annie. I also got some other awesome gifts that I will not put on here. All I know is that this was a great christmas and I won't be standing in any return lines soon! (Now there is a christmas miracle for ya)

PS - Careful how you eat those sugar free gummi bears...when it says that it could cause a laxative effect they didn't just out that on there for laughs...

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