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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


It is absolutely FREEZING at my work this morning! It got warm for like 2 days and they turned the AC up and I think they forgot to turn it back down. It's so cold that the computers are running slower because they can't warm's so cold that we opened the fridge to warm up the place I mean geeze...even the coffee didn't warm me up this morning.

I have a questions - Had anyone ever taken iron pills? Do they give you or can they give you a headache? Ever since I started taking them I have had this nasty headache...just wanting to make sure that nothing is wrong...

Well, I guess it's to the gym again tonight. I need to call and make an appointment with the lady there to renew my membership...I hope that she doesn't raise the price because I might have to decline renewal...

I also go get my shots today - joy of joys...I told Lucas yesterday that going to get them is really getting old quick! Each time it get's a little worse and I get the sniffles a little by this afternoon I should feel nasty...heachache and a messed up nose...

And now I give you a good reason to get up earlier...

A man went to the doctor and complained that he had the most terrible constipation.

The doctor examined him and then gave him a prescription for some tablets to be taken last thing at night.

2 weeks later the patient returned for a check-up and the doctor asked him how his constipation was.

The doctor was rather surprised when the man gloomily answered that the pills worked fine and that he went every morning at 7.30.

"So why the long face?" asked the doctor."

Because I don't get up until 8 o'clock ! ! !" replied the patient.

Yikes! I would certainly be getting up earlier!

Hope that you all have a good day!

No Lucas I am not going to steal your jokes blog idea...I promise! I just got that one and thought that it was funny!


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