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Monday, February 27, 2006

Cabin Fever Countdown (3 Days till we leave)

We leave for Cabin Fever this Thursday morning...YAY!

It's kinda neat because the guy (Earl Banton) that organizes it was once in a bluegrass gospel group that Lucas Dad was in!

I think that plans have changed a slight bit though. Mom and I where going to ride with Grampa and his significant other so that Mom would have have to ride home by herself, since I thought that I was riding home with Lucas, but since he isn't going we can drive ourselves...this I am glad of (The fact that we can drive ourselves not that Lucas isn't going) because they are older and I don't enjoy their driving conversation (Prostates are one of my grampas favorite subjects)

It is going to be bluegrass everywhere and every-which-a-way that you go. It is a fun time and Grampa usually get's to be the center of attention where ever he the fact that Shelby (Oh...that's his significant other's name) can yodel so loud that small children shiver and the hotel vibrates! (Perhaps I stretched that a tad...but she can sing loud) But don't get me wrong...if you like yodeling she is something not to be missed...she is a great singer...perhaps if she learned a few more songs though...(Smacks self to stop while I am ahead)

Well, I better get to working...short week and better get done all I can while I can!

Have a good day!

(I love you Lucas)

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