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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cabin Fever Countdown (2 Days till we leave)

Ah yes...2 days till we leave for Cabin Fever! So much to do and so little time. I think the hardest part is packing...struggling to think if you remembered everything...listening to Dad joke about "You packed like you're not coming back"

I want to move to Florida (Lucas...pick yourself up off the ground honey...) The homes there are really cheap, yet the homes that go for 250-300 grand here go for under 100 down fact most people's rent here is more then the mortgage payments that you have there...shooooot...tan all day...warm nights...only 10 hurricanes a year (Yes I thought about that) im there!

Well, guess I better roll out even though it is the end of the month and there is little to nothing to do at work...the sad thing is our managers even know it and just tell us to search around and try to find something to do and if we can't just look busy...LOL...I think I have a ghetto job...but it's better then no job I suppose!

Have a good one everybody!

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