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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Where's the snow?

Didn't the local weather man promise us snow in my area this morning? Well, I certainly see rain and perhaps a little bit of snow, but you have to look really hard to see it...I expected that it wouldn't snow because the temperature is to warm.

Well, my finger is better this morning, but it still hurts under the nail...what a nasty spot to get a burn...I suppose that I am asking for trouble by bringing more soup for lunch least I have learned to be more careful when I am carrying it. The warnings that they put on there about it being hot are very true...I can vouch for that!

Quick update on Pea - He is very sore and it seems that his spirit is broken, but I think that is expected...(Mom says that I still have to call him peanut, I offered pea-no-nuts, but she said no...)

Have a great day and wish me luck remembering not to use my burnt finger to type!

(I love you Lucas)

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