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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Well hello all you happy people in blogger land, how are you today Me? Just peachy thanks.

Though, I am a bit saddened...why you ask? I will not get to see Lucas tonight (Insert loud sobbing here) I have to get my shots and go see Granny and then a meeting at church...I am one busy lady.

Speaking of the shots...all went fairly well and I thought that I was in the clear till I woke up Saturday morning with a squeeky voice and a tad bit of a runny nose.

I have also developed a cough, that I am not sure if it came from the shots (Doubtful) or if I am indeed getting sick...I haven't been sick in of a few months, so it's due time I suppose.

The girl who sit's beside me has been sneezing and coughing and blowing her nose (She's a mess at the moment) and she said that it is her allergies and I am not one to dis-believe, but take a sudafed and roll on child...geeze...

Oh...we got a new fridge at work right? The ond one went kaput and it was 11 years old so we descided to retire it. Well, all the floors had been warned that a new fridge was coming soon, so get what we had in the fridge out, except for like your current lunch, or what-not. Well the new fridge got here and Tia and I where assigned to throw out EVERYTHING that was in matter what. Well, we double checked with HR and she said that everyone had been warned to get their stuff out now because the new fridge was here, so we started pitching stuff. We saw some stuff that looked like current lunches, but we figured that maybe they where older then they appeared, so in the trash it went.

Turns out that no one had told the new training class...oops

Needless to say they where not happy...

I was just doing what I was told so I am innocent...INNOCENT I tell you!

Aah well...another day another persons lunch in the trash...let me tell you...with the shape of those containters you can tell that they must not have had a job...I think some people need to take their 1st paycheck and get some tupperwear ok? Harsh...yes, mean...yes, true?...YES

Ooh, and people really need to wipe off their salad dressing bottles...ewww...

Gotta go...holla lata hommies!

(I love you Lucas)

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