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Friday, January 20, 2006

1-20-2006 (Dun dun DUN!)

*Insert a loud gulp here*

So today is the day...The starting of a new era...The beginning of a 5-7 year process of getting allergy shots!

I have heard from about 50% of the people that I have talked too that I won't even notice a difference and 50% of the people said that I'll be miserable and that I should be packing Kleenex before I go.

My appointment aint till 6 tonight..That's good because I don't have to miss work...What am I talking about? I should be mad that I can't use it as an excuse to miss work...Yet, I guess since I have to go every week I should be grateful because I don't have to keep altering my schedule.

Yea, so I went to see a plastic surgeon yesterday...After the weight loss (180 big ones) I have some medical issues, and have been told that seeing a plastic surgeon to remove the extra skin would be the only way to solve it. So I made the appointment, and here is what happened:

1. I watched a movie on tummy tucks that was 10 minutes of the corniest actors that I think I have ever seen from 1985 (I know this for sure because I saw the credits at the end)

2. They put you in a -10 degree room and tell you to strip down to nothing but your socks and put this paper gown on. Oh thank GOD that you let me keep my socks on...I feel so much more confident that you couldn't see my toes...

3. The Dr. Comes in and plays with your extra skin, explains that she is going to do, rips the paper thin gown in the process which falls to the floor.

4. Her nurse comes in (Great...Now 2 people get to see everything but my toes)

5. Struggle with the gown in a vague attempt to cover myself.

6. Ask for some tape to tape the dang thing together (They did oblidge though)

7. As soon as I got the gown to stay on the Dr leaves and the nurse tells you to remove it...why you ask? So that she can take pictures...ooh joy!

8. You are twisted this way and that way so that they can take photos of every part of your that you would NEVER want to be taken.

9. The nurse finally tells me to put my clothes back on, which I just about jumped for joy when she said that, but I didn't cause I was naked and didn't want to harm myself with all that extra stuff flapping around.

10. She opens the door as wide as she can letting in a chilling breeze (As if I wasn't perked enough already) while I am standing there with nothing but my socks on.

11. I clothe myself as quickly as possible, hoping that no one comes in the door before I can cover all the parts that I want too...they don't like to knock...

12. I am lead to a room where they tell me what the prices will be if insurance doesn't cover it (I PRAY that insurance will cover it...really)

13. You finally get to leave and realize that you have to pay a co-pay, run back around the corner and write up the check, and now that lady wants to talk...she was in a little hole, so I am guessing that not to many people talk to her...had them crazy eyes (One thing I was glad of was that she wasn't my nurse...)

And thus, ends the story of my plastic surgeon experience. I hope that you got a laugh.

Wish me luck at the allergist tonight! Here's hoping that I feel no effects!

(I love you Lucas)

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