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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Trying too hard...

Does it bother anyone else when you see someone who might be up for promotion, or a better job totally sucking up and trying to hard?

There is this one lady at my work who applied for a manager position and ever since then she has been going out of her way to perform her job all the while pretending that she's already a manager. All that I have to say is thank God that I don't work in her department. One should always put their best efforts forward, and prior to the position opening up she was not...if I was a manager I would see through the bull and go for someone who is still doing their job as they where before instead of trying to take over.

On another note, here is where Lucas and I will be staying for our honeymoon - It's called Mountain Loft in Gatlingburg...I may have mentioned that before...but oh well...on to the pictures...

From what I gather we will be staying in one of the little houses "Villa or Chalet" and not the actual hotel looking part.

Another view of the villa:more...
This is the main part where the pool is:
Aint it pretty?

The funniest part about the whole thing is that Greg (The guy who hooked us up with this place) and his wife are going to have to go with us. Yes, you heard me right...they are going with us on our honeymoon. Turns out that you have to be 25 to sign in and well, i'll be 24 and Lucas is younger then me, so Greg has graciously offered to go with us, sign us in and then leave us and he and his wife will stay (Some place else) in Gatlingburg for their vacation. LOL! I love it! I really think that will be good because Greg knows where this place is, and though I have no doubt that Lucas could get us there, it'll be nice to be able to follow him so there will be no worries at all about getting lost!!!

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