Married to Superman

Monday, August 07, 2006

Theme: DONE! we decided on a theme...I wasn't originally going to go with a theme, but I think that having one will help with deciding for invitations and as the picture shows - we are using doves.

Doves are said to be Gods messengers and that is what I would like to think of Lucas and I as - a couple forming to do Gods work!

On a side note I got found a bargain this weekend! Well..I didn't find cousin did and told me about it. I went to a local Dollar store and they had circular cut tulle in white - 15 in a pack for a dollar! Also there where these little silver rings with white ribbon (looked like it could be used to tie a favor bag shut) so I pretty much cleaned them out of both! I got enough to make 250+ and it only cost me $30 dollars! I was very happy and it made me even more happy to be able to buy stuff for my wedding!!!

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