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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Behind Door #1, 2 and 3...

Well...seems that plans about the honeymoon might have changed once again. I was told this morning by a very nice guy at church that he could get us a VERY cheap, yet nice honeymoon at 1 of 3 places. Either Pigeon Forge, TN (The original plan) Shenandoah Crossings (The new plan) or Myrtle Beach (Never in the plans)

We pretty much said that hurricane season was in August, so Myrtle Beach is out.

He also said that the location for Pigeon Forge is beautiful and that was the one that he recommended.

Also the Shenandoah one he said was a golfers paradise and well...neither of us are golfers, so I dunno about that one. Perk - It's close!

I really wish that Pigeon Forge wasn't such a long ways away...but I already told Lucas that we wouldn't go there because I didn't want to travel that far...but I might be changing my mind...thankfully he knows me and seems to let me change my mind as much as I want too...and that's good because I change my mind a LOT!!!

I dunno...either way we gotta (or I gotta since I am the one that can never make up my mind) figure it out soon so he can get the ball rolling. I am just so afraid that once it is rolling that I won't be able to stop it...but I think getting this descided on will help. One less thing that I have to worry about.

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