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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sing Song - "You'll Love Davids Bridal..." Davids bridal is having their annual $99 dollar wedding dress sale right? So what I am wondering is...will they have another one before I get married next August? And if I do wait till the next one, will all the dresses be fall/winter dresses? Are the dresses that are on sale now the ones from spring/summer? I am getting married in August, so I want a spring/summer dress...but it's soooo early to be buying a dress...darn you Davids Bridal!

In other news I have an eye Dr's appointment today at 2:30 so Mom drive me to work and dropped me off so she can pick me up and take me because they normally dilate my eyes. Plus I am going to try and get fitted for contacts. (again)

I remember last time I went they dilated my eyes and I didn't realize it, and I walked out into the sun and it was like BAM! I did manage to drive myself home, but that was it...I had planned to go back to work but at that point I had to call in because the chances of me being able to see my computer screen where slim. I tried to get fitted for contacts last time also, but they told me that my eyes where bad enough for a stronger prescription of glasses, but not contacts...I was like what the heck?

More updates: We're moving work that is. Our department is the ugly redheaded step-child of the company, so they throw us around wherever they like to make room for more people. So for the 4th time since in this office (mind you we've only been here since last August) sometime this week or the beginning of next week. I think the funniest part is...we are moving back to our original spot that we had when we 1st got here...

Well I think that I am going to make today a good day no matter what!

My good throughts for the day are:
I am getting off early (@ 2 - YAY)
I am marrying the man of my dreams - I loves ya Lucas!

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