Married to Superman

Monday, September 18, 2006

Why do I love him?

I love him because…
He’s so cute
He isn’t afraid to burp around me
He’s always funny
He loves oreos
He will eat my cooking
He lets me get away with anything
He does not let me do anything that will hurt me
He encourages me to go to the gym
He tells me that I am beautiful
He smiles when I smile
He holds me when I cry
He knows when to talk and when to just let me cry
He wants to marry me
He is happy with steak or tuna helper
He understands me better then I think he does
He has blue eyes that feel like they can touch my soul
He’s a huge superman fan (Even before the movie)
He has introduced me to things that I never thought that I would like
He changed the time on his computer to military time because he works for the navy
He’ll come over to my house even though he is allergic to my 2 dogs
He is the son my Dad never had
He never lets me forget that he loves me
He leaves replies on my blog
He’s not afraid to work
He is good with money and I am not
He went to college
He’s providing me with a stable future
He doesn’t pressure me into anything
He’s gets grumpy when he’s hungry
He is great with kids
He’s strong enough to pick me up
He lets me drive
He can see through the bull crap that I often give
He tells me when he doesn’t like the smell of something I have on
He knows that I worry too much
He doesn’t worry about much, but he said that he worries about me
He’s allergic to my favorite perfume
He’s going to Gatlinburg, TN for our honeymoon because I wanted too
He almost always wins when we play a game
He lets me gripe and whine
He is a big fan of ducktape
He plays with Legos
He and I have known each other since we where really little
He helps me feel like a little kid when I get too big for my britches
He looked past my appearance when we 1st started dating
He’s been with me through my 180 pound weight loss and 2 surgeries
He will do anything that I want too
He plays with my hair
He has a program that will let him know when I update my blog

He treats me like a princss

I could add to this list but I will stop here. It’s not only the little things but the big things that make a difference.

Lucas - I love you soooooo much! You are my heart and soul. Without you I would be incomplete!

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