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Monday, June 19, 2006

Im Back! (I hope!)

Hi people! Wow...I haven't posted a whole lot in the last few months huh? Well ready or not im back and better then ever! Maybe I can convince Lucas to post some too!

So I think I am going to change the theme of this blog once again...Wedding themed since that is one of the main things that I am focusing on at the moment.

So I haven't been updating in a while...I had surgery and that is what I will use as an excuse! So I went to the Dr. last thursday and she said that I was ready to go back to the gym..yippy freakin dah!

I haven't been too busy, but I have started wedding planning and that's fun. It's a bit frusterating also because it's so far ahead of time that I can't do a lot yet *Grumble* So far here is what I have done:

Wedding Location - Church
Wedding Reception Location - Church
Colors - Bright Blue and Silver
Bridesmaids Picked Out - Only kinda asked 1 so far though...3 more to go!
Guest List Made - Haven't made cuts yet though...sob
Time - 10:00 AM!
Reception Menu - Bruch!

Here is what I am tacking next:
Honeymoon Location - I want to go to Gatlinburg Tennessee and Lucas wants to go somewhere closer...if you know anything good about Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge post it to help me convince him that we should go there!
Housing - Definetly one of the most important things to figure out, but some of these things take time!
Wedding Dress - Where do I even start? I went to David's Bridal where I was informed with 1 glance that I should get a size "bigger" that what I has stated I wore (Hmph!)
Brides maid Dresses - I know what I want, but I am still trying to figure out if Lucas Mom can make them, or if I should get them to just buy um.
Tux Style - Haven't even touched this one!
Special Music - I know I want it, but what song and what person?
1st Dance Song - I know what I want and I know what Lucas wants and unfortunately it's not the same...

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