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Monday, February 13, 2006

No Comprendo Espanol?

Como Esta? Mi? Muy bien, y tu?

I am pretty sure that that is spanish for How are you, Me? Very good, and you?

That's about all I remember from spanish class...I wasn't a model student in spanish like Titus was in Latin...I barely scrapped by with a spanish name was Ana though...I liked that name...I play a game where my name is Tika and I like that better....yet most people know me by Torie...and I like that just fine.

So tomorrow is Valentines Day! The day that Hallmark, Russel Stovers, and flourists make a mint selling their goods to lovers of all sorts...I am going to get gushy for a moment...Feb 15th was Lucas and our 1st kiss...I was intending it to be on Valentines Day, but out of sheer shyness from both parties it didn't happen till a bit after 12 was still special though and I will never forget it!

That's all I got for now! Hope that you all have a great day!

(I love you Lucas - See ya at the gym!)

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