Married to Superman

Monday, January 30, 2006


Well, this morning started off well...I got to see Lucas in his silver bullet heading to school as I was heading to work. It's amazing at how I still get butterflies anytime that he is with in eye sight...that is something that I hope never goes away and I am sure never will.

I wonder if he saw he trying to wave and drive at the same time...let's just put it this's a good thing that my coffee was in a spill proof mug...*takes a*

The sun is shining, the fog is lifting and my little portable radio is awesome because I can listen to my favorite local radio station B101.5 - The Breakfast Flakes Morning Show...they are funny...I enjoy them...(No that was not intended as a plug)
Well, that's all I got for this morning. Have a wonderfully awesome day!
(I Love You Lucas!!!)

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