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Friday, February 03, 2006

Early Dismissal!

Good Morning all...I have some awsome news...I am getting off at 12 today! Sarah has been taking so much time off that she descided to treat us to some time off also.

So, I have planned to leave and go get my shots, then I am going to the store to get some ingredients to make Lucas and Daddy a nice supper tonight! I found an awesome looking casserole dish a few weeks ago that I have been wanting to try to make and I have descided that I am going to attempt (Keyword attempt) to make it today...and who knows what else...I haven't really descided sure that Mom will help me after she gets home...come to think of it I should probably wait till she gets home then go out so she can help me make sure that I get everything that I need....hmmm....

Plus, I had already scheduled to take off on the 17th at 12 so that I could spend the afternoon with Lucas...aah nice...

Well, I gotta get going...just wanted to share the news...

Lucas - i'll call you this afternoon after I get home and get things cooking! I love you!

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