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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Wow February know what that means...Valentines Day is approaching rapidly...the day that I used to dread till I got it's happy :)

I got a tad bit of the sniffles this morning. No doubt from the 4.5 ml of allergy shots that where pumped into my arms yesterday...other then that im not to bad though...YAY

Hey...Lucas is getting out of school at 12 today and Friday (Mondays also come to think of it)...sure wish that I was getting of work at 12...maybe I can get off at 12 this Friday, or next Friday so that we can spend the afternoon together...that might be nice :) I am certainly gload that I thought of it...maybe we can even go see Diane and Helen since I haven't seem them in a while...not sure that I want to go eat with them though...only because of the fact that they enjoy Pizza Hut and I don't...I loved pizza and now that I can't eat it, I don't really like to smell it because I LOVE IT! (Yes, I did it to myself...I know I know...) Maybe we can go somewhere else...or maybe we won't go out to eat at all...guess we'll just see where the wind blows that day!

Well, I better scidaddle! Have a great day everyone!

(I love you Lucas)

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