Married to Superman

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Life + Lucas = :)

Yes, I have once again changed the title of my blog once again. I heard that someone descibed my blog as a love letter and I thought that it was awesome, so there is it...Love letters to Superman.

I suppose that I just can't help talking about how much I love Lucas, because of the fact that I do love him to much...

My whole life is like a huge love letter book. Each day a new page begins and Lucas fills it with so much love, that my book is bursting at the seems - Yet at the same time he keeps me grounded when I off in space. Then even still he makes me feel like I am floating.

Love is such a wonderful thing and I am so blessed to have such a true and pure love with Lucas.

On a different note - I need help. During the winter my lips get really chapped. I need something that will help, that will stay on...even when I drink my coffee, and that isn't so sticky...Up to this point I have tried chap-stick (Not sticky, but I always seem to loose it or wash it though) clinique (Great moisture, but get's on my teeth and my coffee cup and neither of those are good looks to me), clinique repariwear intenise treatment ($$$ and I think chap stick works just as well - Don't worry Lucas I didn't pay for it but Mom about had a stroke when she found out how much she payed for it) and neosporin lip treatment (Tastes like lemon cake to me...but coffee takes it off in no time flat) I am open to suggestions!

Also, isnt it wierd how things work...somehow the moment that I put hand lotion and get it rubbed in good is the same moment that I have to use the bathroom (Mr. Rawlings and I had an arguemnt over whether it was bathroom or restroom...I said that because I love in the south we call it a bathroom...he said that he's lived in the south longer then me and it's called a I said "WELL THAT'S WHAT I CALL IT!....grrrrrrr....) and after I "go" I have to wash my hands and it all get's washed off...this happenes everytime...I guess I just have poor timing, but it's like rubbing my hands causes to me have to pee...very odd (Just like me)

Well, I guess i'll sign off now...I hope that you all have a wonderful day!

(I love you Lucas - My reason for being)

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