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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Best meeting ever!

Well, every now and then I meet with my past co-workers from Logos Bookstore and we have lunch across the street from my work at Golden Corral. I just got back and man I am full!

It is always good to see them and hear updates that I would otherwise never hear.

Gene - now on his 100th PDA, (NOT public display of affection) still loves Diane and cheese.
Marie - Getting loving from the base singer in Signature Sound (Yea, he's discussed most of the good ones are either taken or gay, so I suppose that I am one of the lucky ones)
Karyl - Just fresh back from a trip to Florida, daughter heading off to college next year, little boy now sporting glasses and just as cute as ever!

Plus Gene's daughter Michelle and my Mom joined us, and it was very nice.

As always they asked about my wedding plans and I was more then happy to oblidge them with the details (I kept it short though...I really can go on and on...)

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