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Friday, October 06, 2006

1, 2 Punch

Good morning all.

It’s been a rough morning…

1st we find out last night that one of the head managers in out office is sick. VERY sick. Sick as in - might not make it, in ICU in the hospital, on life support, family members flying in from out of town - sick. We are all deeply saddened by this, and wish him well.

2nd I wake up this morning to me Dad saying “Hold your bladder…hold your bladder!!!” I thought that I was either dreaming or pee’ing myself and didn’t realize it in my just waking up state. Turns out that all the rain that we got last night caused out toilet to overflow, so we had to revert to “The Bucket.” Oh the stories that my family can tell about the bucket…nothing that I am willing to put on my blog, but still funny none the less.

Well…I guess it could be worse.

At least I get to see Lucas tonight! That’s always a good thing!

I love you Lucas!

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