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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Updates! Plus...who knew I could be frugal?

Well hello all you people in blogger land.

I hadn’t updated in a while and a bit has gone on, so I figured that it was about time.

To start off with we are finally under 200 days till the wedding. I can remember a time when it was over 400! To date it is 191!

2nd I guess is the big news that I picked out my bridesmaid dresses…they are beautiful. The way that the dress is made, it looks like a skirt and top, but it’s actually just one piece. It has a halter top with sparkles around the neckline. The skirt is floor length and flows out nicely. The color that I think I am going to choose will be Riviera sky which is a mix of blue, purple, and silver. I am getting them from “I Thee Wed” and the designers name is Alfred Angelo. The dresses take 3 months to ship, because they are shipped from Europe or Italy or one of them “Across the seas” places. I was also happy because I showed them to all of my bridesmaids and they all liked it!

Who knew that I could be thrifty? Read on to find out why I say this…

Last Saturday Mom and I went to AC Moore, a local craft store, and got all kinds of goodies to make favor bags. My cousin is a GENIOUS when it comes to arts and crafts, so I have assigned him the task of making the bags…somehow I don’t think he minds J

Also I wanted to get one of those boxes that you set on the table and people can drop cards in but the ones on display where like $40 dollars! My genius cousin got all the materials he needed and made me one for a lot less and I have to say that mine is gorgeous!

Savings: $20.00

I was looked at the flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillows and guest books at AC Moore and I just wasn’t feeling them (Or the prices…can you say $25 dollars EACH) so I went into Wal-mart and found a perfect set (Think crisscross wide lace) for a lot less that is prettier then anything I found at AC Moore.

Savings: $30.00

Also, I was pricing garters at AC Moore and who knew that something like that would cost so much? Certainly not me…so I went to the “Pay per yard” lace section and found what looked like garter material (For a lot mess may I add) and I am going to make my own garter…well…my cousin is going to make my garter that is…

Savings: $11.50

I also got my unity candle. I was looking all over the place for unity candle holders and when I found one they where $35 dollars! I said uuh…no! So I found a round wreath that the candle would fit in, with white roses and I found 2 smaller ones with white babies breath looking stuff and I got them to hold the candles…they look better then the candle holders did in my opinion…plus they wreaths in total where only $8 vs. $35…yea!

Savings: $27.00

I guess the final steal that I got was my veil…I cannot disclose too many details because my groom reads this blog (In fact he may be the ONLY one that reads my blog) but I got the veil at AC moore for $80 dollars less then if I had gotten it from Davids Bridal or any other bridal shops…all I have to buy is a comb to be sewn on!

Savings: $80.00

Total Savings: $195.50

I guess I can say that more them picky I am turning out to be a frugal bride…some may not agree, but this is all stuff that you need for a wedding, so it has to be bought.

Coming up soon…

Groom/groomsmen tux’s (As soon as Lucas get’s his guys together!)
Finding a house (End of February hopefully)
Getting bridesmaids fitted (SOON!)
Cabin fever trip (Feb 30th - March 4th
VA Beach trip with mom (March 30th-April 1st)
Beach week with my maid of honor (June 9th-16th)

I still love my Lucas!

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