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Friday, January 05, 2007

Chicken Feet..

So let me tell you the story of the most memorable after school snack that I can think of.

Here was a normal day for me – Get on the bus, attend school, ride bus home, tell Mom “hello” as I headed to the kitchen for a snack.


It had been a long day at middle school, and an even longer bus trip home. I was one of the 1st on the bus (Perk – your choice of seats) meaning that I was also one of the last ones off the bus. (Yea..there is the negative)

My mother greeted me at the door with more perkiness then normal which I found a tad odd, but I figured she had just had a good day.

Mom took my backpack and put it in my room and told me to have a seat on the couch. I sat down and she said that she had a surprise for me.


What kid doesn’t love to hear that?

So I sat down and finally realized that Grandpa was there (Apparently he was there the whole time, but I hadn’t noticed up till this point)

Back to the surprise…so I asked what kind of surprise it was and Mom said that it was a special snack. I was already starting to drool..

Note: I was not a picky eater and everyone knew it…I was also not a small child what so over…I came out fat and well…nothing had changed over the years

Mom sat a tray infront of me and from the kitchen came a covered plate…

Mom sat the plate infront of me and ever so slowly pulled the cover off to reveal…

The most revolting thing that I could imagine…I was sick…my special snack was boiled chicken feet…toenails included!

I wasn’t sure what emotion I should be feeling…I think the one that surfaced the fastest was sickness.

Oh, but the story is not over there…the smell that came out from that plate was the most disgusting thing ever…boiled feet…ick!

Now, I happened to notice through the waves of nausea that Grandpa did not seem to be bothered by these feet lying on my plate. Next thing I know he’s sitting beside me. “Oh boy” he said “These things taste so good” and started eating them…1st he pulled the toenail off and then started sucking on the toe bone…at this point I was gone…I had to leave the room.

Oh, did I mention that my mother was doubled over laughing her tail off while all this was happening?

Grandpa ate the whole plate (with vinegar no less) and seemed happier then a clam.

I on the other hand had just had the most memorable experience with a snack ever.

I know that this has nothing to do with the wedding, but I thought that it might make you smile. (No, we will not be serving chicken feet at the wedding)

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